21 October, 2012

Parts of the car

Dani explains the parts of the car.


  1. He is so sweet! I think he is doing great with the car parts vocabulary and of course following the entire English conversation. I hope my toddler will do the same one day, in the meantime his only words are "mama", "papa" and "hola" (sniff for the spanish word).
    By the way I'm a non-native(very, VERY rusty) English speaker -living in Madrid mom.
    I just started reading your porst, and others on bilingualism... what you all do is so helpful!

    1. Thank you for your comments. Even if you think he is not undersanding you or that your English is not good enough, don´t give up, just keep talking to him as consistently as you can. He´ll get it eventually and then the whole process makes sence short of magically. And enjoy the silence while he is not talking. Once they start they won´t stop!!!!

  2. Hello,

    Nice blog you have here. I'm doing the same with my toddler in Brazil and this is quite uncommon here. I'm just now discovering non-native parent speakers with blogs and I'm really enjoying it as it can make me feel more confident.

    How is you experience in public places? Do you feel comfortable? How strangers react?

  3. I had a problem finishing my previous comment. Anyway, I enjoyed very much your blog. I've read lots of posts today just like if it were a book.

    "Grande abraço"