26 April, 2014

Girls just wanna have fun

It is said that babIy girls are more likely to start showing abbilities (talk, walk, climb up things...) earlier on and specially if they are the youngest siblings. I was more than curious when we knew our little princess was comming, and after a year I can certanly confirm the statement. It´s not entirely the case, as her brother started walking on his own a week before turning 1 yo, and this little fairy seems to be more confortable crawling around whenever more than 2 steps in a row are required...

Nevertheless, there are many other things that she is mastering before her brother did. She grabs tiny things with more precision, seems to be very agile crawling and climbing, and also shows great skills at understanding and imitating sounds. I never thougt she was going to respond this early to English stimuli, since her exposure hasn´t been in my opinion quite consistent. But here she is answering questions and showing her deep insight on the animal kingdom...

So even though it might seem like she is not paying attention, she definitely is grasping the whole thing... We have tried and we see she reacts to the same things in Spanish so maybe we can start saying she is walking down the bilingual path with us now... and this is just as excitind as it could get!

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  1. Hi!!! I´m really happy to find this blog. I`m´doing the same thing with my 5 years old daugther. So I will follow you from now on.
    Juani Perez