27 May, 2013

Papi got backfired when trying the “tooth fairy encouragement”:

I found myself between puzzled, amused and proudly surprised the other night when I got tricked by my own little cheeky monkey!!
We saw the episode of “Peppa Pig and the Tooth Fairy” before bedtime, and he brought up the subject during our storytelling session. He wanted me to talk about what happens when one´s teeth fall out. I had the idea of taking advantage of the situation and use an encouraging strategy: In Spain when a child’s tooth falls out, “el ratoncito Pérez” (Mr. Pérez the Mouse) comes during the night and leaves a coin or a little present under the pillow (same as tooth fairy). Therefore the encouragement was like “…as you speak 2 languages my dear boy, when your tooth falls out you´ll have a fairy AND a mouse visiting you! Double prize! Isn´t this cool?”. So he listens to my speech… silence… mulls things over for a while… I can hear his brain working… Then he goes like: “Papi, check this out: Comme stai? Grazie, uno, due, tre…  and Papi check this out too! Hallo, Wie geht´s dir? Eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf… I speak 4 languages (it´s not true, since that is the only stuff he knows in Italian and German…), so that makes 4 presents… Papi, who comes in the night in Italian? How do you say Ratoncito in Italian? Can we go to Germany… on a plain?”
There you have it Papi, in your face…

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