31 December, 2012

Spanglish and others

The last Spanglish incidents during Christmash holidays have been really fun, and I just didn´t want to miss the oportunity to post them, as these are the kind of things that go with the wind when the kids start growing up so quickly.
- CARPETA: "Mami, estoy jugando con los coches en la CARPETA". Carpet in Spanish is "alfombra", but he didn´t find the word and came up with this, which by the way is a typical false friend among Spanish learners of English!
- COOKANDO?: He comes in the kitchen and stares at me while I prepare lunch. "Papi, qué estás cookando?". Most of his transfers are Spanish sentences with some English adaptation.
- SMALLAR: He couldn´t make a toy fit in another toy... "Papi! it doesn´t fit! SMALLATE! Papi lo quiero SMALLAR!" It took us some time to get this one. He meant "make yourself smaller!" but using the imperative form in Spanish.
Things like these are starting to blossom from time to time and we can´t stop laughing secretly when he doesn´t see us.
Do you have any funny transfers from one language into the other along your kid´s development?


  1. Hi Dani, y buenos dias.

    I just stumbled across your blog while I was looking through Sarah's bloglist over at Bilingual Baby. I haven't dove in too deeply, but enough to know that I appreciate the passion you seem to have for the nuances in language development that your son experiences and demonstrates. I share this passion, and thus, I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. You likely haven't heard of this award--but I think it's pretty cool for those of us bloggers wanting to build community.
    Check it out if you're so inclined...and participate, if you're interested...I laid it all out in a post (http://nonnativebilingualism.blogspot.com/2013/01/and-liebster-blog-award-goes-to.html) so you can read more.
    Thanks for helping to make this bilingual blogging community as strong and awesome as it is!!
    portand, Or

  2. Hi, I am Spanish and raising my daughter in English and Spanish. I speak English to her and her dad Spanish. We live in Spain. My daughter says things like: ¿ Dónde LIVES?
    or used to say Yo soy cuatro. o I have four ( when she talked about her age) Congrats on your blog and keep up the good work